Conference Papers

Solo Presentations

Bačovský, Pavel. "Frag ‘em! The Effect of Videogames on Propensity for Contentious Political Behavior."

Bačovský, Pavel. "Level Up! Priming Hobbyist Political Identity using Survey Experiment."

Co-Authored Presentations

Fitzgerald, Jennifer, Kathryn Schauer, Rachel Janie O’Neal, and Pavel Bačovský. "‘I can imagine breaking the law even if other people are harmed’ Support for political violence in democratic societies.

Wilson Sokhey, Sarah, Srinivas Parinandi, and Pavel Bačovský. "Authoritarian Policy Diffusion: Social Policy and Human Rights Strategies Across Countries"

Sajekaite, Marija, Pavel Bačovský, and Sarah Wilson Sokhey. "Explaining Populism in Central and Eastern Europe"

Fitzgerald, Jennifer, and Pavel Bačovský. "Household Political History and the Nature of Partisanship."